[4/11/2010]- Arthur Asseo and O'Neill will be speakers on the
4th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication on the theme of "Lending Grace to Language". Department of Design & Multimedia of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. O'Neill also will participate in «Arte, ¿dónde? y ¿para quien?»  from the Interdiciplinary Studies (PREI), Humanity Faculty, University of Puerto Rico, confererence at Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, April 30.

[6/9/2007]- «Artist Interrupted: From Post to After»: If you are looking for documentation of the mid career exhibition (Curator Dr. Elaine King, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, February 2 - April 22, 2007) follow theses links:
For audio documentation - Parallels activities around mid career exhibition
For video documentation - Dr. King's conference and exhibition guided tour.
For the exhibition catalogue - «Artist Interrupted: From Post to After» digital version.
For the exhibition review - María de Mater O'Neill: nuevas interpretaciones de su obra by Dr. Mercedes Trelles.

Notification: We are looking for missing works for the purpose of documentation. All information is confidential. Please launch pop-up window. If you own one of the works, contact Jan (Taí) Fernández or . If you have O'Neill's work in your private collection and Ms. Fernández has not contacted you, please send email to her or Galería Botello so your work can be registered.


Book cover
A fully illustrated bilingual catalogue (ISBN 0-9770791-2-0) with essays by Dr. King and Dr. Mara Negron, that span O'Neill's career (1983-2006) with emphasis on key periods. It included O'Neill's early work on paper, her paintings and her most recent non-figural assemblages. Catalogue is available at the MAPR's store.


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